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February 04, 2012


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You may aswell leave him there now, you're a bit early but never mind :-)

Him Up North

Haha! Brilliant. Thank you for confessing. But seriously, time to put them back in the box they came from. I'll help if you like... :)

Rosie Scribble

That's what I was thinking. Has to be more time-efficient to just leave them there rather than pack them away and get them out again every year.

Rosie Scribble

But I really quite like them there.

Okay, okay, I can see you're shaking your head .... I'll put them away in their boxes. If it is too much of an emotional strain, I'll call you over to help :)

Tim (aka Dotterel)

But as I never cease to bang on about, the Christmas season - as part of the church calendar - doesn't actually en until Candlemass - and that was in Thursday. Furthermore, in the Orthodox tradition (following the Julian Calendar) it's even later. You've got another two weeks if you need it. Case dismissed!


This last Christmas, I got the nativity set out of the garage and discovered the baby Jesus was missing from the box.

We eventually ran him to earth... on the mantelpiece behind the photograph of my baby niece, where he had been lurking for an entire year!

Rosie Scribble

Brilliant. That's made me laugh at loud. It's also made me feel a whole lot better!

Rosie Scribble

That's exactly my line of thinking, Tim. I'm following the church calendar. So relieved my case has been thrown out of court and you have been able to provide the intelligent voice of reason. I'm not going to give in to pressure. They can stay up a while longer.

Him Up North

Since when has Christmas had anything to do with religion? *shakes head in disbelief*

Julie Gallaher

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