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January 16, 2012


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Joanne Mallon

No it's not just you! I would add to that:

* When you're the oldest person in the pub by a clear 5 years or more
* When a shop assistant admires your top, asks where you got it, before crushing you with "My mum would like one like that"
* You go into HMV, ask if they sell record tokens and wonder why they're looking at you all strange.

I'm sure there's more but I am too old to remember.

Rosie Scribble

Brilliant, Joanne!

Do you know, when the shop assistant was asking me about my skin I really thought it was because she could relate. I felt that crushing blow when she compared me to her mother!

And I'm avoiding all pubs. Someone might think I've come in to collect my child. I can predict that happening already. *sigh*

If I Could Escape

Love this!! You should totally make this a meme. In fact, I may try and attempt to do my own list! If I can remember!

I want to hear more about this ice skating date though. ;)


Yes I do have fond memories of Opal Fruits! Plus the scroll down thing for your date of birth is becoming more and more shoulder sinking!

Now that I have hit the 40 mark (shh!) the age bracket thing can be a problem too. I usually do a punch in the air when they include 40 in a bracket that also have numbers with 3's in front!!!

*sits back wiggles feet in comfy slippers! x


I have thermal underwear. It's invaluable.

Rosie Scribble

It was an innocent encounter, Karen. I'd taken my child on a nice family skating trip to discover half of the teenagers of Nottingham there on a date. That type of behaviour is very distracting on a rink. Am I showing my age again?!!

Rosie Scribble

I have a vest my mother bought me. Don't tell anyone this. Obviously.

Rosie Scribble

Ooh. I forgot to include comfy slippers in my list, Ali. I'm sure the postman stares at them oddly when I open the door. I don't think he understands the importance of these things.

I'm 40 next year (I said that very quietly), my daughter feels quite sorry for me. She struggles to count to that number at times. I'll never heard the end of it! x

Very Bored in Catalunya

Oh yes, nodding sagely to all of the above.

English Mum

This! All of it! Oh, and getting to the top of the stairs before realising you had no idea why you came up in the first place...


Ah yes, and what about when you are old enough to be the mother of quite a few of your colleagues? Or when you mention that you like the original version of a song, nobody else can remember the original?

I could go on but instead I'm going to have a little cry.

Midlife Singlemum

When you bend down to tie up your shoe and wonder what else you caould do while you're down there. I didn;t make that up, I read it somewhere. I'm not quite that old but it's funny.

Rosie Scribble

I think it's a downward spiral from here in!

Rosie Scribble

My mother used to go to the top of the stairs and then ask us what she was supposed to be doing. We thought it was really weird. And yes, now I am doing exactly the same thing. *sigh*

Rosie Scribble

I've decided, after reading your comment, Not Supermum, that I am always going to work for myself so that I am never surrounded by youngsters. And that bit about the original version of songs? All sounds very familiar.


Rosie Scribble

Ah yes. Makes so much sense to me now to clean the floor a little before you come up from tying your shoe laces. Believe it or not I once strained a muscle putting my shoes on. There's little hope for me!

Susan Mann

lol love this. I loved Opal Fruits, starburst just aren't the same. My oldest doesn't understand that you couldn't pause or record live tv. And yes I have to scroll for a long time too ;) x


Oh dear! I'm definitely old as I could tick all of those!


When you go to yoga, and look in the mirror, and see one of those wobbling grimacing ladies you used to feel sorry for, who can't raise their legs very high, or twist round very far, or see over their own shoulders...

As for that scrolling down thing... yes! And if you have a birthday which is 24th November, you've already done your fair share of scrolling down!

Rosie Scribble

Oh I did laugh when you mentioned your birthday was the end of November. I hadn't thought of that before as I'm April 16, so I never have to scroll too far down for that one!

As for the yoga, there lie my reasons for sticking to my Zumba DVD in the safety of my living room with absolutely no mirrors in sight.

Rosie Scribble

Then again, we're only as old as we feel Julia, which makes me about 17, I reckon. ;)

Rosie Scribble

We're officially ancient, Susan, or so my daughter tells me. Tut!

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