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January 02, 2012


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Midlife Singlemum

I'll definitely be joining you. I've noticed that on other blogs as the children get to a certain age the blog has to become less about them and more about the blogger. I guess IJ has reached that age. Maybe you should get a pet?

Emily O

I agree with Midlife Singlemum, I'm finding this too. My eldest is now 6 and parenting with him is becoming much more about the emotional (and private) side than the day to day potty training incidents and funny things they say. Luckily my younger two still provide some material but even so I've always battled with what's appropriate to mention in public (and actually the potty training stuff is kept private anyway). A little while ago I decided my blog would be less 'mummy' and more general anyway and I've found it works. Looking forward to reading more about your 2012!

Expat Mum

You're definitely making the right decision. I mean, if she knows you're going to be writing about her every thought and move on the blog, it's even more stuff to worry about. I hope you find some peace for her. x

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