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January 23, 2012


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Kate, witwitwoo

I've been cycling everwhere! Saved approx £80 per month in petrol money ... and now have thighs that could crack walnuts!


My partner is walking to work instead of taking the bus, and we're dropping down a brand as well as watching what we spend on frivolities.


We are writing a meal plan every Sunday and stick to it. Also I have stopped buying refreshments when I am out and about. I have started to fill a bottle with water or squash and it saves me so much money that I am really annoyed about myself being so wasteful in the past.


Azra Dedic

I have started ebaying on a regular basis, especially when it is free listings day! Already made £50 from clothes that were resting in my wardrobe with their tags still on! Also me and my boyfriend are cutting down on takeaways and meals out, and for valentines this year we are going to treat ourselves to some nice meat form the butches and cook our very own a la carte menu but for half the cost and twice the portion size! ionlyponder@hotmail.com

Rebecca Kiely

It sounds like the opposite to what you asked for, but I've been bulk buying. Those things that I have to buy every week, I now buy in bulk whenever they are discounted. Granted, I now have boxes of orange juice and laundry liquid in my garage, but it will save me money in the long run. Every little helps! (See what I did there).


We are meal planning and only buying what we need. I do my grocery shop online to stop me overspending.

We are also baking our own bread, cakes and biscuits and OH is taking a packed lunch to work


I am meal planning, comparing everything we can to death and changing where necessary. I buy from Costco certain things that are much much cheaper when bought in bulk, only if you can keep them in the freezer or the garage.

We have cut back on after school activities so it's a rare occasion that we go to a playcentre whereas we used to go weekly after school. They are actually getting to the stage of being less into that anyway, but if you go and have tea too, the price soon mounts up.

Tim Carlisle

We're using reusable nappies rather than disposable ones, we're drinking slightly better wine less often, meal planning is a big one, we've had a new (double glazed) back door fitted to save on heating. We too buy nice food and cook it at home for special occasions - a bottle of wine that would cost £30 in a restaurant can be bought for £10 which you can then spend the remaining £20 on food for two - the food is then basically free.


Lovely phone - I'd like to enter please.

I'm quite careful with money anyway having had a brush with bad debt when my husband left in 2004, so every year (or whenever there is a big change like: salary; holiday club costs; moving house etc I go on to excel and do a new budget planner so that I know how much (hopefully!) I have spare each month.

I then withdraw that money from the bank and split it into four envelopes and have one each week to spend - if I don't spend all of it one week then I put it into the last one, if I overspend one week I take it out of the last next one and have to cut back that week as a consequence. The plan being that there is some left at the end of each month that can then go into a treats jar for a cinema trip or a takeaway :)

My plan to pay for a summer holiday involves yet another jar! Instead of buying lunch at work I am making sandwiches or wraps and putting £2 a day into the jar, I am also ebaying things I don't need, clothes that me and the children don't wear, unwanted Christmas gifts (sacrilege I know!) etc and putting the proceeds into the jar. Finally, we are making a real effort to drink less wine so every night that we don't drink wine (when we usually would) we put £5 into the jar.

Should hopefully get us a week somewhere!

One more thing we are doing is inviting friends to 'bring a dish' when we ask them round rather than blowing our entire weeks budget on one meal. It has been quite a success so far and several of our group of friends are doing the same thing - as the costs are so reduced it means we are all meeting up more often which is a lovely bonus!

Lisa @CoffeeCurls

cherished by me

Instead of impulse buys I'm researching and hunting for the cheapest deals online and also only buying clothes that are in the sales for us all.


We are planning our weekly meals and cooking fresh daily. We've notice an improvement in our Grocery shop already!!

Stefan Derner

oddly enough, I've stopped the central heating from switching off during the day. Now you might think this is an odd way to save money, but if you knew me, then you'd know I wouldn't do somthing that wouldn't save money.
I have set the house temperature to 18 C during most of the day. From 4pm until 9pm the temperature is set to 20 C.
Before I made the change the heating came on for maybe 4 hours per day with a set temperature of 21 C. I made a note of the meter readings and worked out how much gas we used over a week. This gave us an average use per day figure too. Since then daily meter checks prove a reduction in gas used used of 30%!

The house is much more comfortable too. The reduction comes about because it costs more to heat the house from cold it would be 15 C when we got home in the evening). It now ticks along at 18 ish, just pumping a little more energy in to keep it topped up. We're using the house like a big storage radiator.

Doing the daily meter checks shows whether or not this method would work for you as it depends how good your insulation is.


I've been cutting down on the amount of food we waste! We've got a 'slop' bucket to put food waste in and since we've had it i've realised how much money i've been throwing away with out of date food and cooking too much (theres only my son and myself). So i've stopped buying loads of fresh food when i do a 'big' shop and started freezing leftovers and using them for lunch to take to work. I've also started shopping at the market for fruit and veg once a week, its alot cheaper than the supermarkets. I've cut down alot on food waste and saved a bit too!

Kelly Cooper

I have finally got round to setting up a cashback account... this meaans when i am naughty and decide to spend I will get some money back!! Additionally, I have cancelled my Glamour magazine subscription and my lovefilm subscription which has saved me money!

My number one tip when trying to save money though is to avoid shops in general, as it can be so easy talking yourself into buying something!!

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