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January 06, 2012


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Midlife Singlemum

Wow that's amazing!


I've seen this before. Amazing, and I love the new word it introduced me to - murmuration.

A friend of mine tells me that getting her daughter (age 7) to go birdwatching has been brilliant for helping her learn to focus and concentrate.

Jody Brettkelly

Wow, they are making their own art work in the sky! Now I am hooked too! There is an amazing documentary about birds called Navigation or something like that. it's a must-see. Happy New year!


I love this video and would so love to experience it. I am far from a bird watcher but I love seeing birds, I find them quite calm.

We are lucky and have massives of birds here they always make me smile or stop for a moment and enjoy. Even the noisey geese who fly over the house every morning and evening sometimes a bit early in the morning I might add in the Summer!!!

Happy New Year too, oh and by the way Bex say's re the worry thing there is nothing she can say as such to help just it is something that just becomes less.

Hope that helps xxx

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