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December 12, 2011


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Ellen Arnison

Ah Old Bean, that's lovely but not quite what I meant when I said I'd 'appily let you hang around with me.

Rizzo @ www.mammasaver.com

Boy looks with disdain at pickpocket's slim day's pickings.

wendy stanger

I dont care how you present it I'm still not eating it!!


Who do you think I am - Sleeping Beauty?

The Mad House

Well this is the boys response so please excuse the language!

Hey an apple doesnt take the poo smell away

hannah Moody

"Hee-Hee! (Michael Jackson style!)



Sandy Calico

You said you wanted an apple, I got you an apple. Oh, you wanted an AppleMac. Bother.

Markel Mcdonald

Why do i bother keeping you around :(

Andrew Parker

A Turd with legs is never healthy - even if it is holding an apple!

Liz Burton

Seriously dude, stop bringing me food.


Bribery is going to get you Nowhere, especially with that sort of Apple!!


An apple a day keeps the poo bean away:)

Jordan Grant-Hall

Hmmmm, What a mighty fine apple you got there, mind if I borrow it?

Rhiannon Parker

I'm not sure even an apple a day can keep he doctor away if your poos are THAT big!

Stephen Henderson

brown bean "Cmon kid, i will give you an apple, if you come and see the bunny rabbit"
Kid "but mr bean my mummy said never go anywere with strangers,,,how far aways the rabbit, that apple looks too good"

Trish Wilkinson

"Mum,I asked for a Hotdog with Onions not attitude."

Susan Mann

An apple a day does what exactly?

antony ward

"Eat fruit young man and you'll be tablet free for life....."

Natalie Trice

You really think I would swap ONE apple for my Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet, don't think so beanie!!


Brendan Cole makes a last-ditch effort to reach the finals of Strictly Come Dancing by performing a dazzling rumba with his new partner, Mr Bean.

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