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November 29, 2011


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I'm with you there! The magic and everything, I don't want to shatter it! People can't believe my son still believes in Father Christmas (that's us here)and in a way I can't either! His muslim friends told him as young as five it was me and when he asked me, I shrugged a kind of 'you decide' shrug. Part of me wonders if he's pretending, for my benefit, which is great for I do love to carry the can for the spirit of it all. However I have told him (because I'm so overdrawn) there's a recession, there's been a load of cuts even in lapland, his little helpers have lost their jobs and will only volunteer a little bit of their time if any at all so not to expect much! Good luck, it will be magical because you want it to be!

suz xx

Santa's not real?! :(

Midlife Singlemum

It says sponsored post under your text. Is Santa sponsoring your blog? Wow!

Rosie Scribble

Ha! The link is sponsored but I'm hoping Santa is reading this and will send me an extra large sack (because he is real really). x

Rosie Scribble

Ah. I should probably have found a better way of breaking this news to you. Sorry about that. But you are 27. :)

Rosie Scribble

Stigmum, I love your idea of telling your son there are cuts even in Lapland. What a brilliant idea! We're definitely having a more frugal Christmas this year. On a related note, there are lots and lots of blog competitions around at the moment. I've won two prizes so I'd recommend having a go at a few!


I can remember that awful thud in my stomach when I found out that Santa was not who I thought him to be. I do hope IJ keeps believing because it will never be the same after that!

Rosie Scribble

I totally agree, Julia. I was nine when I was told that Santa wasn't real. My Dad sat me down and broke the news. I had no idea and felt very betrayed and let down. I think IJ will eventually work it out for herself and then ask me about it. She did that with the tooth fairy. I think that way is better than it being a bolt from the blue. And you're right, it is never the same after that whichever way they find out. I'm typing this on Decemember 2nd so it seems appropriate to wish you and your lovely husband a very Merry Christmas. xx

Susan Mann

Is Santa not real :( I hope we all believe for many years to come. x

Vernell Leider

See, that's the problem when we tell stories about the Tooth Fairy. We parents always end up being the fairies, LOL. I experienced the same thing! My niece told my child that fairies weren't real so I give her money every time a tooth falls out. There's no magic anymore. :(

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