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November 08, 2011


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So true and so well put! I lost my best friend in a car accident and it shows you how quickly the ones we love can be snatched away from us. All we can do is appreciate every day together and cherish each other. Xx

Rosie Scribble

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. Useful to be reminded, I think, to live in the here and now and focus on what really matters. Thank you. xx

Blue Sky

I didn't let dd1 out of my sight for the first four years of her life (unless she was with another trusted adult) as I was so afraid that something would happen to her, yet next summer she is heading off to Tanzania with a group of friends to volunteer. She is now a very sensible 19 year old, but I am still just as terrified about her safety x

Rosie Scribble

We'll always worry won't we Blue Sky? But like you, ultimately I know I have to let her go and discover the world, much as I'd love to keep her with me. But volunteering in Tanzania with a group of friends sounds like an incredible experience for your daughter. I wish her all the best. x


I often get these overwhelming feelings about my child too. At the moment alot, but because I'm going through abit of turbulence (!). Last night I dreamt again I should give my son to his dad and sobbed and sobbed. I may blog about it but need some distance first! I never want to do that! Enjoy your time away, knowing how much love there is in your heart!

Catherine Cooper

I so know what you mean Rosie. Accidents always freak me out, they're just so random.


I remember when my girls were little I put them into school and nursery one day and then had to drive to another town for something or other. When I realised that I was in a different town to my girls I had a minor panic just for a second. It just felt so weird.

Rosie Scribble

Life can really seem overwhelming when there's a lot going on Stigmum. I think it's at those times that we need our loved ones most, so hang on to that son of yours. You both need each other, probably more than you realise. And take care. x

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Catherine. I hate the randomness of life sometimes. Just goes to show how important it is to enjoy every single day, and never part on bad terms, I'd say.

Rosie Scribble

I know what you mean Not Supermum. That physical distance can often feel huge. It's the issue of not being able to get to them quickly that can cause such panic. Then they grow up and don't want to be in the nearest town, but that's another blog post!

Susan Mann

Aww that is beautiful and so true. There is more the life. Life is precious and far too short. x

jody brettkelly

It is great to be reminded of the fleeting-ness of everything and thanks for reminding us. I complain way too much about my kids and not enough of the appreciating..

Midlife Singlemum

I once had to go to Tel Aviv while DD was at nursery in Jerusalem - I hated not being in the same city as her even though she was being looked after.
The first time we flew a friend, who happened to be on the plane, offered to take DD (them 4 months) and walk around for a bit. She was being helpful but I couldn't let DD go out of my site just incase something happened.
It's hard letting go but we have to eventually.

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