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November 23, 2011


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Super Amazing Mum

that's so beautiful. Really moved me xx


Gorgeous x

cherished by me

Oh what beautiful beautiful words and a perfect picture to go with them. X

Jenn (@mommy_grrl)

Lovely. :-)

Midlife Singlemum

I haven't been reading you long enough to know the details of your journey, although I have heard you called a survivor so I suspected there was a reason. Whatever was in the past I'm glad you made it to this strong, happy place. And I'll be delighted to share the next chapter with you online. XOXO

Susan Mann

Love this & you should be so proud xx


Of course. Similar to Midlife Single Mum, I don't know your particular challenges, but how could you not be proud of being a single mum with an 8 year old girl?

from fun to mum

no offense to your boots, but your daughter starry shoes really beat you in the style challenge, they are adorable! Like the picture and the post.

Alli Marshall

Beautiful x


That is lovely and I am quite sure beautiful people that wear those shoes :-)

One of my favourite songs 'Walk a mile in my shoes' always brings a tear to my eye, a little like this post. Your right though a mile quite often is enough. On Sunday I was using this phrase to my two as I found out a very sad past of someone. Someone I always give time to as I always work on the shoe theory and I have to say I am so glad I do.

I wish those shoes alot more lovely walking and I am quite sure you know how to walk them well xxxx

Rosie Scribble

Rachel, I don't think a comment has ever moved as much as that one. Thank you. XOXO

Rosie Scribble

I love the expression the shoe theory, Ali. I'm going to remember that. I've met people from all sorts of backgrounds and I think it has helped me be more accepting of people because you just don't know what has led them to where they are today. I hope your friend is okay. She is lucky to have someone like you in her life. Without doubt. xxxx

Rosie Scribble

I knew I should have bought a pair of blue starry trainers in my size!


Of all the bloggers I follow, Rosie, you are the one who I think has made the biggest journey. With IJ at your side.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Iota. That's incredibly perceptive. I have made a huge journey over the last couple of years. Not an easy one and a lot of it has not been written about on my blog, but an incredibly journey nevertheless and every step has been worth it. xx

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