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November 28, 2011


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Talli Roland

What a great idea for a book! Blogging is such an important component of my life! I've met some amazing people who have really helped in my career and my life in general.

Ellen Arnison

Hi Rosie, Thanks so much for this post. x


Blogging has certainly helped me through some really difficult times, given me confidence, opened doors, prompted me to develop new skills, introduced me to friends... It's great that someone has written a book about this aspect of blogging.

Bod for tea

What an inspiring story from Ellen. I so agree with her point about harnessing creativity. Looking forward to reading this book when it's published. Thanks for posting this Rosie.

Susan Mann

Ellen is so sweet and lovely. I cannot wait to read her book. x

divasupermum antoinette

sounds so interesting, it should appeal to many,i hope it does well

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