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October 12, 2011


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The Mad House

The world morns the loss og Harry. Imagine what he would have grown up to be, what a power he would have been to the world. His family must be shattered at the loss of a precious child. Both my boys have Harry's bracelets, both know of Harry and his work

Chris at Thinly Spread

He really was incredible and this is so well written Rosie. x


rosie, this is a beautiful post. so wonderfully written. my heart ached when i heard harry had passed. this is a really touching tribute i'm sure his parents would be proud to read.

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

It broke my heart to read his mother's tweets this weekend. I cried when the news reported the story. I bought 8 bracelets on Monday in the hopes that while it's too late for Harry, I know it will help. What a wonderful post you have written...sniff.

Karin xx


I just read back over those tweets. So sad and so unfair.


A lovely post and I am sure we all wish we could contribute as much in our lives as he did in his all too short one. Thanks for acknowledging him in this way


Stunning post and very true. I cried when I read of his death, children should not go before their parents, especially at such a tender age. Harry was an inspiration, you're right.


I agree with you such a terribly sad loss :( RIP Harry a true inspiration x

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

Beautiful. It just seems so terribly sad and unfair that such a wonderful human being was taken so young. I truly believe that he will live on through the work he started. x

Mummy Mania

so sad... makes everything seem so precious

If I Could Escape

Beautifully written Rosie. Such a sad loss for the world. x


Thanks for this. Such a heartfelt post and such an awful loss of a young life

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