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October 19, 2011


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Sally Whittle

I think the message I took away from yesterday is that educating kids about alcohol and responsibility, and personal safety is an issue for all parents - rich, poor, single, married, gay, straight, whatever. It's a universal thing. As the police officer said to me yesterday, when you're picking a kid out of the gutter, there's no difference between the ones from good families and those from tough backgrounds. They're all at risk.


Excellent post Rosie. I get very tired of single parent bashing. One good parent is far better than two bad ones every time. I shall be writing my kids and alcohol post very soon and that point *may* just creep in. x

Midlife Singlemum

Alcohol, sex, drugs, shopping, and all other of life's temptations and challenges need to be discussed with our children to prepare them for responsible, moderate and appropriate behaviour in any context. I wrote on Sally's post that I don't think there is a special formula for alcohol over any of the other vices. I certainly see no connection between good parenting from one parent and a child unable to listen, comprehend, and learn.

Domestic goddesque

Frankly I tink one good single parent beats a couple of can't-be-arsed parents any day: the fact that you WANT to have a plan is the most important thing. Great post though, and great defence of single parents.

Muddling Along

It upsets me that people think that 'single mothers' might be responsible for the ills of the world - there are as many dysfunctional two parent families as single ones

And yes, I drink, we drink, and we do so infront of the girls and I do worry about how we will communicate about safety to them - and that is no different from what any parent does, male, female, multiple or single

cherished by me

Oh Rosie I wish I was as brave as you! Arghhhhh is all I can say. Thank you, thank you! Great post xx

mummy mania

I agree - it's got nothing to do with parenting set-up and everything to do with parenting style. Well said!

Jo Beaufoix

Well done for speaking up. It makes me so mad when people make assumptions.

And, I was gutted I couldn't make this event, it sounds like it was good. Did anyone mention DARE? E did it at school this year and that got us talking about so many issues including alcohol, drug use and solvent abuse. It's been a great way in for E and she was able to teach me about some issues which has been great for her confidence etc.

sue x

I have just taught Alcohol to my class of 9 to 10 year olds and it's amazing what they know, mosy of it being through observations and tv programmes! it's so important it's spoken about openly because children we want to try it and it may as well be in the presence of responsible people and in a controlled environment than with friends in a park!! Conversation should happen sooner than better I say!! x

If I Could Escape

Great post Rosie. Sounds like it was an interesting and informative event. I, for one, know more couples who drink excessively in front of their children than I ever do single mums so the whole assumption thing really makes me cross.


Thanks for this. When I was in England over the summer, I was struck by how much humour is based on alcohol. Endless little quips about getting drunk, being drunk, not being able to function without drink, etc etc. All pretty harmless... until you have a 14 year old, and then it doesn't seem so harmless. How is he to make sense of what we say about alcohol (and yes, we do talk about it), if everyone is sending the message that it's funny to be a bit irresponsible, and that the whole subject is joke-worthy. Sorry, but this brings out the prude in me.

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