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October 11, 2011


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Ooh, every little girls dream an eraser collection. I remember mine fondly. I wonder whatever happened to it - probably sat somewhere in my parents loft. Do they have that sweetie smell too?

PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings

Oh I want some! I won't show this to my sister though as she is the one that collected them as a child...

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Cara. I'm sure I used to have about 50 in my eraser collection. I used to have those plastic animals you attach to plastic shopping baskets too. They were all the rage at the time, although now I wonder about all that plastic and how it ever looked 'cool'!

Rosie Scribble

Obviously don't tell anyone this Pippa, but I'm planning on buying a few more for Christmas. They will be largely for my benefit and I plan to spend a long time looking through the collection and choosing the ones I want. I mean the ones my daughter would want. Cough.

The Mad House

Do they have that new eraser smell? I remember sniggering at calling them rubbers as a child. Yes I am that smutty!

Rosie Scribble

They don't really smell of anything Jen, which I think might be a good sign. I can remember sniggering at calling them rubbers as a child too. I still snigger a bit now in fact!


WANT. I used to collect erasers when at school too. They weren't as cool as this though!

Rosie Scribble

These are a little bit special aren't they. They make the little ice-cream shaped erasers I had years ago look a little bit pathetic.

If I Could Escape

Gosh, these bring back memories although the ones back in my day weren't quite as impressive!!

Mayfair Mum

I remember that phase - they had to be smelly in our day - smelly erasers, pencils, Strawberry Shortcake pencil cases ruled the world...sigh. Great post.

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