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October 17, 2011


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Midlife Singlemum

Cleaqrly a blogger's follower part 1: It said to leave a comment so I am. Hilarious post btw :)


lol. love the way kids pick things up.

Kate Takes 5

Brilliant! Love this. I hope you're paying your photographer good wages.


Love it! She's just trying to make your life a bit easier :-)


You will be able to retire soon you know. She will delight audiences who will pay large sums to share her musings!

michelle twin mum

Very clever indeed! Mich x

Bod for tea

He he, love that photo! She's clearly going to be a blogger herself very soon - watch out Mummy!

Selina Kingston

You're going to have to be very careful now with your very clever watch-and-learn daughter!!

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