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September 30, 2011


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Mirka Moore

b) James Martin
Thank you @Kahanka

Paula Fazekas

b) James Martin

Thank you! Just come across loads of recipesfor slow cookers! Must be that time of year


b) James Martin
Thank you, my slow cooker is packing up on me and I use it all the time :)

Susan Mann

b) James Martin @Susankmann

Kia @ A View From Here

b) James Martin.
I love slow cooking. So nice in Winter to put on a pot of stew or something and have the warm comforting smell through your home.


I'm pretty sure it's Barack Obama. He's the one who does Saturday Kitchen, right?


Oh fantastic! Thank you SO much for this competition; I'd LOVE one for the winter months. The answer is

b) James Martin

Good luck everyone!

Emma @ Mummy Musings

b) James Martin


b) James Martin

what a great competition - thank you!

Pants With Names

b) James Martin.

Would love to win this! Particularly because it is a competition that is on because someone is feeling sunny. Love that. x

Jane Willis

b) James Martin

I'm @janesgrapevine over on Twitter


b. James Martin.
I've been on the lookout for a new slow cooker recently because mine is fantastic but a little bit old - just has the on and off switch! Bit like me really...

thanks Rosie

Bod for tea

Urmm... I think it's b) James Martin :D

miss mamo

the answer is b) James Martin :)
@missmamo on twitter


The answer is B) James Martin

I would love to win this would make life easier,it could be cooking away whilst we are in and out of hospital. Have a proper meal instead of quick snacks waiting for us when we got home

@savvymum4autism on twitter

Sandra Cope

B) James Martin. Would be great to win this with stew weather coming!


Oh it has got to be James Martin :-) how did I miss this blog post!


James Martin

Thank you Ms Scribble xx


The right answer is b) James Martin

Thank you
@caro_mad x

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