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September 06, 2011


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Selina Kingston

You're so right - leave the battlefield ! I remember being a nightmare for my parents and refused to eat anything unless it was a chip or a sausage or a crisp or sweets! That went on til I was 13. My poor mother!! And then, an Indian family with four children moved into my road and I was round there all the time. They would eat everything and anything all the time, and their mum was a great cook. Within months, I was eating curries, chinese food and spicy pasta dishes. I'm so thankful to that family for making me see sense. And my children were eating everything as soon as they were able. The simple rule was try everything, leave it if you don't like it but remember there'll be nothing else til the next meal. It seemed to work but then, my children were not such a pain as I was !!

mummy mania

Yes, my lunchbox lethargy has started already, and they've only been back 4 days! Unfortunately, my girls don't like the same things.... nice lunchbox though!

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