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September 04, 2011


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Erica Price

Truely like a kid in a sweet shop. Fab!


Now that is my kind of photo!




NOM NOM NOM ! Let me at it -LET ME AT IT !


I've been there :-)


ohhh wow what a great sweet shop!

mum of all trades

Have you died and gone to heaven?

Midlife Singlemum

Hmmm, where shall we start....? So much sugar and so little time.


Is that fudge I spy? F.U.D.G.E Mmmmmm....


Goodness! Imagine the dentist bill after that lot!

Selina Kingston

Oh that takes me right back to my childhood. My dad used to take me into a shop like that and it would take me ages to decide which sweets I wanted. How did he stay so patient? I'm sure it was only 5p for a small bag of sweets back then ....... !!

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