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September 13, 2011


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Nicki Cawood

And I was very grateful to receive it too. A very skinny 5yr old who looks set to meet his Dad's lofty height (6ft5") is a blinking nightmare to buy for an Tesco is the only place I can get him trousers.

I moved when I was in primary school as we were a RAF family, though settled back here in North Yorkshire when I was still at Primary. I'll be honest and say it wasn't very easy for me but I did adjust very quickly, as most kids do, and am very glad we moved and settled properly. She'll be fine but you'll worry anyway, regardless of what anyone says.

On the upside, surely if you let prospective new schools know that you intend to move they will have enough time to prepare and change the uniform to grey if necessary?

Kate Takes 5

We moved house after my daughter's first year in school. She joined the new school last Sept and was immediately the centre of attention with all the girls. She has far more and better friends than she had at her old school and she absolutely loves it.
On another note...when my husband was 7 his parents thought it would be a nice surprise to pick him up from school in their 'moving van' and take him to his new house about 30 miles away. He had no idea the move was happening and never even got to say goodbye to his old friends! True story!

Midlife Singlemum

Excuse me a mo - Kate Takes 5, re your husbands parents,what a bizarre thing to do to your child! How disturbing.

Rosie, good luck for both of you with you planned move. looking forward to hearing all about it.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Nicki, so pleased you were able to make good use of the voucher.

You're right, children do adapt and I'm going to make it into more of an adventure than an unheaval.

I hadn't thought of asking her prospective new schools about changing their uniform colours but that's a brilliant idea!

Rosie Scribble

Your poor husband. I believe you because alarmingly I've heard similar stories. Just dreadful.

That's such good news about your daughter adjusting to her new school so well. I'm going to stop worrying. It's far into the future anyway. Nothing will be happening immediately so there's no point in me stressing.

Thanks Kate.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Rachel, we're still in the planning stage at the moment but when there's news I'll make a big announcement. It's all exciting really. I should stop focusing on the negative!

Metropolitan Mum

What? Where? How? Why? How exciting! I am sure she'll be fine, especially as you have been preparing her so well. xxx

Rosie Scribble

We really like Leeds but all the jobs seem to be in the south, so we'll just wait and see what happens. We're not going anywhere immediately, it won't be until next year, but I'm making plans already. It's nerve-wracking and exciting and a huge step for both of us. I don't want to rush it. x

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