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August 10, 2011


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Great picture - that sky is pretty awesome in contrast to the greeness of the gardens and the fountain. Worth posting a few more times if the chance arises ;)

Mirka Moore

Nice shot, the colours are great and I can imagine taking my shoes off and having a go too ;) @Kahanka

Jenny paulin

It's a lovely shot I would want to wade in too like that boy has! And there's nothing wrong with recycling posts I recycle photos sometimes *ahem* :)

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

What a great shot. Chatsworth House has offically gone on my 'List-of-places-I-want-to-visit' x


Repetitive Scribble? I think you can get tablets for that.


That's a beautiful photo. Don't panic about repeating it! And as for the little boy, make something up! He's your second cousin Hector visiting from Tasmania. Change it every time someone asks!

Mama Syder

Fab photo, really like this one. Would love to visit there one day, it looks lovely.

Nicki Cawood

Repetitive or not it's a lovely shot! The sky is perfect - Chatsworth is on my list of places to go but seeing this, I must make an effort. I imagine the rest of the house and grounds are as good?

Melksham Mum

Chatsworth is so beautiful and so tempting to get in that water on a hot day!
Melksham Mum x


We are in Nottingham so not far away from Chatsworth House but haven't been yet, no excuse really seeing as it's so close! Lovely pictures!


That's a gorgeous photo, I love the colours.

Midlife Singlemum

I love the green from the moss under the water. It must be very impressive to actually be there and see it.

Rosie Scribble

The rest of the house and grounds are amazing and definitely worth a visit if you can. There's also a small farmyard and children's play area. It's not so great if the weather is bad but on a sunny day it's perfect.

Rosie Scribble

Natalie, you really must go. You're just down the road from us so it's not that far really.

Rosie Scribble

The doctor says there's no hope.


Lovely photo! I am hoping that boy in the green didn't go flying landing on his bottom in the water like I did when I was little?! Ouch!


Fab picture, Rosie (and for the record, the Dead Sea would've been great too). I went to Chatsworth years ago, had forgotten about that fabulous fountain.


Love all the greens - really beautiful

Funky Wellies

I think it is a gorgeous shot! Makes me want to join that boy in the green striped top... :)


Love Chatsworth, fab on a sunny day, fab most days actually.


I am just a tiny stones throw away from chatsworth used to go there all the time with my gran! this is a great picture and reminds me to take time to visit with my own children


Wow, thats a cool photo. I'd have just made up something 'relevant' about the boy....


As soon as I saw the picture I knew we'd been there! I love the way you have made it look like paper. How did you do that?

Rosie Scribble

Hi Julia, I took the photo on my iphone and used the app Intagram to add a filter to the image. That's why it looks like paper. I suppose that means I have cheated a little bit. Don't tell anyone!


Ah I recognised where this was as soon as I saw it as I have some pictures very similar. Well Repetitive Scribble - who cares? Certainly not me, I love seeing your pics :)

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