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August 07, 2011


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Caroline B

Heee hee that made me smile

Midlife Singlemum

Perfect you game now and you'll have a place on the lawn bowls team in your retirement. Always good to plan for the future ;)


Games and wine? Even if it isn't, it's a brilliant shot. Love the warm colours...


Love the colours and the sunshine bouncing off :)

mocha beanie mummy

No way was I going to look at this and not smirk...


hahah, glad im not the only one with a naughty mind looking at this ;) x


great colours here

Jenn (@mommy_grrl)

apparently, I haven't had enough coffee to wake up because I had to look again after seeing a few of these comments . Looks like a fun way to pass a sunny afternoon and reminds me to pull out the lawn bowls.

Rosie Scribble

Thank you Jenn. It was an innocent game of croquet. Some of these commenters are getting out of hand!

Rosie Scribble

Jay, you have lowered the tone. ;)

Rosie Scribble

That's my worry Rachel. I'm attracted to leisurely ball games on the lawn. I need to start sky-diving or something, prove to myself I'm not getting old :)


Perfectly innocent? Will take your word for it!


Hahaha! I think I've spent too long around Jay, I saw what she saw :)


ha! glad to see I'm not the only one with a filthy mind ;)

Five Go Blogging

I hope Pimms was readily available too!

Lorraine The Party Times

love reading comments here!


Not sure my comment went as I got a lot of adverts so I'll leave it again!

Oooo! Croquet! We played that last w/e at a friends house. The mallets were light but the balls (?) were heavy which made for a fun afternoon!

Talli Roland

Love the photo! Perfect summer colours.

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