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August 30, 2011


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That's really lovely! I'm glad she was able to experience a bit of the joy that being with a dog can bring.


Awww, that's so sweet and it was really lovely to see IJ overcome her fear of dogs enough to stroke Tessie. Lovely post, and btw you're welcome :-)

Midlife Singlemum

So when are you getting a greyhound then? ;) Seriously though - this is a great thing to have happened as it will make IJ's life a lot easier.


Tess looks the perfect dog to have helped IJ and what a great job they did together :-)

We do have two dogs and my children love them but at the same time I can understand IJ fears too. Glad she is conquering them though as even borrowed dogs can give a lot children :-)


aww lovely pictures, they look like great friends :)

Emma @MummyMummyMum

Awww, beautiful! xx


Aww that's great she had this opportunity to meet such a lovely dog to help her conquer her fears. :)


Ahhh that is lovely. I have a fear / dislike of dogs and I don't want to pass it on to my little girl but at the same time I don't know how she won't pick up on it as it only takes a little dog to come near me and I freak out. Lovely take on the theme :) x


I wonder if most children are frightened of dogs, The Boy is certainly nervous of them. Pleased that she overcame her fear, the dog looks very friendly and gentle indeed.


What a wonderful post! I'm so glad IJ is comfortable with at least one dog. It can be so debilitating to have a fear of them.

Jenny paulin

So lovely that your daughter was able to overcome her fear and enjoy spending time with that gentle looking dog. What a heart warming post wi some lovely photos awwww just lovely x


Such a sweet post, I was scared of dogs when I was little due to being bitten twice, both by corgi, but got my first ever dog 3 years ago & am now a real convert!

Nic's Notebook

Aww that is so nice - it is a lovely thing to form a relationship with a dog!


Aww what cute photos and glad your daughter made a friend :)

Shell Louise

Aww that's lovely to see :)

If I Could Escape

Awwww, that is brilliant. Lovely photos too. Looks like a very pampered pooch. ;)


That is so sweet. Greyhounds are the perfect dogs for nervous kids, our lurcher would be completely wrong for this job.


Lovely story and I hope she loves dogs now forever (or the nice ones anyway)


Great pictures and story. I love your daughters coat too.
My four year old is nervous around dogs and it's mainly because so many people let them jump at her. She's half the size of most dog so no wonder she's terrified. Greyhounds do seem really gentle dogs. I always feel so sorry for the way they are treated at the races.


aww that is lovely that her fear is shifting, dogs can make the best of friends :) I couldnt imagin life without our beautiful Boxer he truly is the childrens best friend and they get upto all sorts of fun together! (he is my galery subject too)


Loved this, meant to comment days back, am including in a round up of top bloggery. Cheers.

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