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August 24, 2011


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Talli Roland

Oh, that's fantastic! Must check it out!

Midlife Singlemum

If you had every kitchen gadget available in John Lewis, for example, what would your kitchen look like? #Justwondering

Rosie Scribble

Very over-crowded I'd say and possibly a little silly!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Talli. It's great if you drink as much coffee as I do :)

Tom Craik (Morphy Richards)

Hey Rosie,

Thanks for the review and video. If we keep giving you kitchen gadgets to review you will undoubtedly have a slightly overcrowded, yet super-functional, kitchen!

Tali,if you've got any questions about the product then let us know. You can follow us on twitter and Facebook


What a great idea. I always boil too much water.

Working Mum

What is its energy rating? If it boils a cup of water in 30 seconds that sounds pretty rapid = high energy use. I know I sound a bit anal about this, but having given up an electric kettle for a hob top one to save energy, I am interested in whether this one is better or worse than boiling a cupful on the hob.

Rosie Scribble

Hi Working Mum, that's a very interesting point. We're away from home at the moment but once we're back I'll find out its energy rating and get back to you. It'll be after the bank holiday weekend.


Rosie Scribble

Hi Working Mum, I've looked into the energy rating and to me it appears to use the same amount of energy as my kettle - which is 3KW. On the website the One Cup is described as energy efficient but, although I'm no expert on these things, there seems to be little difference between the One Cup and a standard kettle in terms of energy used. I've passed your question onto Morphy Richards who might be able to explain more.

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