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August 11, 2011


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Muddling Along

That looks like a great read (and only £2.49 on Kindle)

Rosie Scribble

Thanks MA, that's an excellent price!

Baby Genie

This sounds really good; girls grow up so young! And whilst I agree that there's nothing wrong with little girls having pamper parties and experimenting with make up young, there's still a balance and anything a parent can do to protect as well as educate them is really important. Quite relieved to have a boy!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks BG, I think it's finding the right balance that's the key as you say. My daughter was given some make up recently. She isn't that bothered about it and has only tried it on the once. I think that's absolutely fine. I think when the day comes when she wants to wear make-up to school because all her friends are then it will be a little different, or if she starts to think she isn't just right as she is. I'm trying not to think too far ahead!


This looks like a book every Mum of a daughter should have.

While I watch many of my daughters peers just 12 turning into girls who act and look like they are on the edge of 16 is scary.

So far I have a cool and trendy daughter who also behaves like she is 12 and yet has the wish to act like 16.

She said to me the other day "Mum I will be a adult for a long time so I am enjoying being 12 now" something maybe i have subconsciously put in her head. She right though once you grow up as a female (sorry guys!)there is no turning back.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Ali. I love your daughter's comment about being an adult for a long time. They do grow up quickly these days don't they? When my daughter gets a little older and wants to act as if she is 16 when she's not, I'm going to remind her that she will be an adult for a long time so she might as well enjoy being young and carefree with no bills to worry about while she still can!

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