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July 03, 2011


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Midlife Singlemum

It looks deserted! Glad you had a wonderful day in the desert. Rachel xx

Jane Alexander

Beautiful... :)


It looks so peaceful. Something very rare in Israel, I guess. So a really special photo. Hope you are enjoying yourself and soak up all the new impressions x

jenny Paulin

That looks interesting......I see from reading the othe comments you are on holiday in Isreal? I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing time.


Wow this looks so beautiful, hope you're having an amazing time. Xx


It's amazing that plants can grow in an area that looks like rain has never touched it, isn't it?


Wow that is a crazy landscape x


Wow; Rosie this picture really does say so much without words. Lots for the imagination. Beautifully captured. x


Thats amazing. I thought it was America but it seems not.


Spent sometime in Israel about 20 years ago, was absolutely fascinating, the desert is breathe taking.


Fantastic, wonderful photo


Wow, another amazing part of your journey. You're getting to see some beautiful sights. x

michelle twin mum

Wow, not your average Silent Sunday. I hope the trip went well.

Mich x

Jenn (@mommy_grrl)

wonderful photo - it looks so desolate and serene!


wow, reminds me of Utah of Southern California. Very much like a Star Trek mission!


Such beauty from what is dry & possibly barren.


So very striking but also made me think how sunshine looks the same all over the world too.
Like your pics as always different

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