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July 08, 2011


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Elle Amberley Author

Very interesting to read, I've always been fascinated by Israel. What a fantastic trip!


Oh Rosie, that's great!!
The energy that all these women, and also you, have shown has changed my point of view and has inspired me to start a new life.
Kisses and hugs!!!

mummy mania

sounds amazing - isn't it always wonderful when (even at our old ripe ages!) we still can learn new things and have our perspectives changed. Those women sound inspiring.

Mwa (Lost in Translation)

Wow, what a thing to do through your blog. I baked a pie yesterday... not quite the same. I loved reading about your trip!


What a great summary of your trip. You're finally getting the hang of this blogging lark aren't you? *hides*

Midlife Singlemum

It sounds great - I must remember all this on a wet Sunday morning in the winter. :-) (Sunday is Monday here) And I hope you do return soon. Rachelxx


Did i mention that it is about a gazillion degrees hotter today than when you were here? (and I spent the morning shopping in a boiling hot local shuk (souq) with my daughter this morning.)

But seriously-your post just about bought me to tears. I was only with you guys for a day and a half (though in my heart for the whole trip) and I am having a hard time settling back into a routine.

I learned so much about my country also through what you guys did and saw and also through your perceptions.

I really am glad that i had the chance to meet you all. You are all fabulous.


Thank you for sharing the experience, learning & plans that your trip has brough about Rosie. I'm so glad it was such a success & yes, I'm still very jealous! x

Jane Alexander

Rosie, you put that beautifully...you really did. I too would take my family in a heartbeat... :) xxxx

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