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July 06, 2011


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Jane Alexander

Great post, Rosie... yes, how wonderful it would be to be able to revisit in the future and tell a different story.


Funny-I felt the calm as well as we walked around. Think it's because in the old city-there were no cars.

Rosie Scribble

True. But I think there's a lot more to it than just the lack of cars :)


I've always wanted to visit Jerusalem, and it sounds like it would be definitely worth it. Great post Rosie.


I love this post, I think that the whole Israel thing comes wrapped up in so much conflict and I have so many preconceptions of the why's and wherefore that I would never imagine vistiting

Midlife Singlemum

I agree with your impressions Rosie. Jerusalem does have a spiritual side to it and, as in all of Israel, there is always the conflict on our minds. You can forget about it for a while as the streets generally feel safe and are full of shoppers, tourists, children, etc... just like in any other city. And then you turn a corner and see the security wall like a giant iron snake on the landscape. It's very sad that such a vibrant country has this heavy and ongoing issue - I pray for a resolution in our time.


My brother was born in Jerusalem (long story) so it is somewhere I've always wanted to visit.

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