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July 02, 2011


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Metropolitan Mum

This trips sounds amazing. I have always been too much of a chicken to go to Israel - the unrest in the region is worrying me a lot.

Midlife Singlemum

We have a yearly season ticket to this zoo and we both love it. We rush round to see the bears, the lions and tigers and the elephants, but it is important to remember that they do so much more important work than just show off animals. Thisis a great post - thanks Rosie.

Btw - in the summer holidays they run three sessions of 2-week summer day-camps for children where they get to help take care of the animals and learn about them, do arts and crafts on animal themes, etc... as well as go swimming and have other fun activities.


Such an interesting post Rosie. We are certainly learning a greta deal through your trip.

English Mum

That top picture is stunning, Rosie. And what an amazing adventure!

Jo Beaufoix

It must have been very humbling to be that close Rosie. My two were both at school on that day but how cool that IJ fed the goats. M managed it last time too and was soooo proud of herself. Now we just need to get you to have a go. ;D

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