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July 01, 2011


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Lemon mousse eh? That reminds me of the story from a few years ago when Peter Mandellson was canvassing support in a northern town and went into a chippy - trying to be one of the common people no doubt - and asked for a portion of the guacomale. Only it was mushy peas.

Alexander residence

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. Looks like your trip is in full swing and no need for description, those pictures speak a thousand words! Good luck on the lemon mousse front :)

Vibe Israel

YUM! Try introducing Marmite to Israel - not recommended!

Jane Alexander

Oh, that market! Isn't the food here just incredible??? And yeah, right...lemon mousse... ;)

Midlife Singlemum

Wonderful photos! I took a photo of the three of you buying spices but on the bus on the way home I suddenly thought - what an idiot I am, I should have taken a photo for Silent Sunday! You may not be a foodie blogger but you're more of a photographer than I'll ever be. Enjoy your Friday night dinner!


Makes you mouth water & your head spin just to think of how you could use all of these. Good idea about the lemon mousse!


I am sooooo jealous right now...looks completely amazing!

Jo Beaufoix

Those pics are just stunning. It must have smelt amazing too. Now where are the camel pics??

English Mum

Yum, yum and yum again. Was waiting you to tweet this post and it slipped past me! Great photos too x

Rosie Scribble

Ah! I think Twitter must have been playing up *cough*. Thought you'd like this post. Thought of you when I wrote it because I remember your shots from Mexico. xx

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