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June 10, 2011


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Working Mum

I think the clue is that the book is make from blogger comments - if I have an issue with my daughter I throw it out in the blogosphere and wait for the wisdom and experience of other bloggy mums to give me some ideas - THAT is the way forward!

Rosie Scribble

I agree completely Working Mum. I do the same. It's a great way of getting feedback instantly and often from people you know and trust. You're right, that is definitely the way forward!

Muddling Along

Its the fact that they are using anecdotes as evidence that irritates me - what works for one won't work for another and even if its worked for lots of other people it might be wrong for your child

And the whole thing about Mumsnet thinking they have all the answers makes me cross - they don't speak for me or my life

Rosie Scribble

Well said. I think really we know best when it comes to decisions about our own children. The more 'rules' they are out there about how to parent, the nmore confusing it gets (for those who take notice of them) and the less we rely on own maternal instincts, which are usually pretty good.

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