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June 01, 2011


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We do have so many opportunities that we take for granted, this campaign is amazing and has really made me thankful for everything we have in this country.


Great picture and post, get take on the theme!

The Kitchen Mechanic

This is so true, I was born in a country where they don't have free health care; you can't turn on the tap to get clean water; that, at the time, was run by a corrupt government. I may have my gripes about the UK, but I am grateful every day that I live here, can open my fridge to get food, and know if anything happens to my children they will be seen by the doctor without quibble. Thanks for the reminder.

Reluctant Housedad

There's not a lot more to say after that. Perfect summary

Actually Mummy...

Thanks for bringing us all back to what this is really about...

Inside the Wendy House

We might complain about the UK but we have so much to be grateful for.

Kate Takes 5

Wonderful picture. Wonderful post.

Mummy Beadzoid

Opportunities. Very true. A lovely photo that's at the same time heartbreaking as it shows the poverty in which millions of families live - yet this is a palace compared to many. xX


You make a very good point here. What always amazes me is how poverty does not defeat the spirit in deprived countries. We can learn a lot from them but we can also dig deep and support them.


certainly does make you think about how lucky your own family are

sue xx

I've just been moaning about the expense of a new mirror - this blog put things into perspective! :) We are extremely lucky xx

working london mummy

THanks for sharing this. It puts things into perspective for us in the West

Jody Brettkelly

Great post. I am becoming so whiney about my kids I need to read about this more. Puts my pathetic complaining into perspective...

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