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June 09, 2011


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Good to hear that it's worth a try! Have been thinking about getting a couple as we travel alot, and I am sick of lugging large car seats around... Thanks! Emma :)

Catherine Cooper

I love the idea of this and have often recommended it just because it is so expensive to take booster seats on flights or to hire. Trunki's BoostaPak is also v good.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Emma. For travel it's ideal. I'd say that it's main selling point. Definitely worth trying if you travel a lot :)

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Catherine. I've seen that brand mentioned on websites too. Booster seats like this certainly have to cheaper than hiring booster seats overseas.


I have to say that I dont think I would be happy using one. I have been looking in to car seats a lot, yes I know my boys are both 5 plus, but even with just a booster the seatbelt cuts across their faces, which doesnt make me happy. I have a couple of Britax car seats and love the isofix one we have. They are very wids which is a pain as you can only get two in the car, but their saftey is paramount to me

Rosie Scribble

I agree completely Jen. Safety has to come first. As you know IJ is a very small seven, so like your boys she needs a more substantial car seat rather than a booster because she's really too small even though she is in the right weight bracket (just). For smaller children I do prefer a car seat as it avoids the problem of the seat belt sitting across their neck.When there's nothing else available we use booster seats but I probably won't have IJ in one permanently for a couple more years.


This is one of those ideas that I wish I'd thought of. Ingenious.

Tasha Goddard

Fabulous idea. We don't drive, and it would be really useful to have one of these for using in taxis or friends' cars, so that Rosemary could get a lift in the rain and stuff. I'm guessing there's no such thing for the almost-2-year-old, though.


It's a really really good idea. We're always stumped when we come over from America. Do we use valuable luggage allowance to bring a car seat, or try and scrabble round to borrow one?

I would share your worries about its effectiveness, but if it's passed the safety testing, it must be ok, I reckon.

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