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June 28, 2011


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I did that once in L.A sat there for ages & thought wow I'll be on a jumbo alone how very weird. Until I got a bit panicky & asked security where everyone was.

Yikes to security. Still no anal probing so that's a bonus.

Midlife Singlemum

I feel like I did when the Pope was here - I know you are in Israel and so I keep looking out for you as I go about my day. I once sat on the next table to Debra Winger in a cafe so it's not impossible to bump into people in such a small country. Have agreat day!

Mediocre Mum

No I am not laughing at you guys! It's probably just because I'm jealous!


Was so great to finally meet you. I think I was just as tired as you though.


*sigh* You really do need a minder don't you?


Oh Rosie - I knew I should have come with you!! Have a great time!

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