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June 18, 2011


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Jane Alexander

LOL! Hey, I'm up for the extended trip....take me with you? :) Not sure mine would miss me either...though am in process of setting up Skype...

Rosie Scribble

Great idea. Let's go off travelling for another 51 weeks!
Ooh, Skype you say. Actually, think the grandparents will struggle to set it up their end. Obviously, if they are reading this, I've said nothing of the sort.


I'm in too. Where are we going? And I promise not to fall over.

Rosie Scribble

I think we should join @Vwallop. Victoria knows about this travel lark.


LOL-my kids would just miss the maid service *sigh*

Tanya (Bump2Basics)

Somehow I imagine 7 year-olds are good at tugging, and then twisting, the heartstrings! I can already see it taking shape with my little one when she leans in for a kiss and then goes to chomp on my nose!

Rosie Scribble

Sounds very familar! I'll enjoy not waiting on her for a while. See you soon!

Rosie Scribble

You're absolutely right. Seven year olds are very good at the art of manipulation. Years of practise, as you will discover!!


She's always straight to the point isn't she! Gorgeous!

Rosie Scribble

This is what happens when I encourage her to say what she is really thinking!

Looking forward to meeting you next week Julia!

mummy mania

weird isn't it? You plan for their disapointment when you head off somewhere wonderful, and they're completely blase. Then, when I head out for a night to the bookclub they have complete meltdowns as if I heading to the moon for a year! At least you cna enjoy your trip guilt-free.

Muddling Along

How great that you've raised her to feel so confident and secure that she's happy for you to go - I think its a great parenting skill to achieve that (and am very happy mine are already counting down to their weekend away at the seaside this weekend!)

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