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May 13, 2011


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Mum in Meltdown

That truly is a great idea and my eldest (13) would definitely benefit!! I can hear his music before I see him and always telling him off for having it up too loud on his Ipod :(


Mini NEEDS these so much, I am always telling him to turn the ipod down or his DSI. I am going to tweet too>

Michelle Cooper

These would be fab for either of my kiddiwinks :)

baby genie

these definitely look worth a go I'm in!!


Yes please!


Those are a fabulous idea! I could totally see them looking cool enough for even a teenager to use (especially if you're a sneaky parent who gives them to said teenager without the package to say what they are...not that I would EVER do such a thing)

Susan Mann

These are a great idea. Please enter me. xx

Nina Innocentia

What a great idea. I will certainly be checking them out!


Wow, my daughter really needs a pair as she lost her old ones. Ciao. A.


fabulous prize.please enter me :)

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