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May 10, 2011


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mummy mania

Oh I can't wait till mine are old enough for that... I used to love stuff like that as a child. Mmmmm, chilling. now there's a concept I haven't been intimate with for a while. That said, am off now to watch the Apprentice with a nice cup of earl grey and the tatters of my easter egg!

Jody Brettkelly

Lovely pictures of the woods. I am a champion chiller. In fact my prob is getting off my bum and getting stuff done...

Jody Brettkelly

Oops sorry... see above, did not bother to correct spelling mistake for my website. Too chilled..

Claire PR Mummy

Love the photo - it looks like she's skipping and having lots of fun. I can't wait 'til mine is old enough to do things like this. Hope you had a fun day.


Looks like fun, I think any family time is a great way to chill

Reluctant Housedad

You're absolutely right about the walk vs TV thing, but once you get them out and about, they, well, chill out and stop worrying about what's going on on the small screen. Nice one.


oooh, that looks like lots of fun! I might have to try that.

Sarah of Catching the Magic

Beautiful, beautiful photograph! LOVE the way you've captured the sunlight as your daughter walks through the rich, green forest path.

Watching a happy child is definitely a very chilled out feeling :)

Mirka Moore

What a great activity, still remember doing that when I was a kid ;) @Kahanka

Herding Cats

What a great activity. Have you thought about geocaching?

Little Grandma

Definately; happy kids, happy chilled-out mummies. Love the pictures

Kate Davis-Holmes

Lovely images and tell of a good day out with a fun activity.

Funky Wellies

Lovely pics. Especially like the first one.

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