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May 27, 2011


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I think it's harmless, and quite normal. There's something strangely fascinating about a plaster cast, I always wanted to have my arm in a sling but never managed to do it. Come to think of it, I might do it this weekend just for the hell of it. Don't worry, IJ will be fine x

Jody Brettkelly

I actually prefer that white old school cast you have pictured. My kids chose the dayglow ones and they don't have the same appeal I don't feel!

Jody Brettkelly

Oops just misspelt my own blog, so had to return. Obviously I am not one that you would want to sign your casrt. cast, carstt.

Jo Beaufoix

I've seen that child at school and have to admit even I looked a little wistfully at that pot. I think it's kind of a novelty/celebrity thing and absolutely nothing at all to worry about. :D

Lorraine The Party Times

sure quite natural - I mean they do look cool!


Honestly, I really wouldn't worry about it. Kids do get envious of other children getting attention from time to time - as long as they don't try to hurt the focus of attention it's perfectly fine. It sounds as though she thought the attention might be nice and also as though she was curious about what it's like to wear a cast, but it sounds as though she moved on pretty quickly and that's exactly how it should be. xxx

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