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April 12, 2011


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Don't cover 'em up completely. A worrying proportion of UK children (and adults, come to that) are suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies. I find it hard to tread the line between slathering them with sun creams (and these look great) and letting them catch a few beneficial rays.

Rosie Scribble

That's interesting. Here's what the Patient.co.uk website says on the subject of Vitamin D:

"2-3 exposures of sunlight per week in the summer months (April to September) are enough to achieve healthy vitamin D levels that last through the year. Each episode should be 20-30 minutes to bare arms and face. This is not the same as suntanning; the skin simply needs to be exposed to sunlight. The sun's rays can be damaging and sunburn should be avoided at all costs (mainly because it can increase your risk of skin cancer)."


Far easier than slapping on sun cream is sun protection swimwear, the sun protection deosn't wash off with active kids in and out of the water. Check out www.beachfactory.com

Rosie Scribble

Sun protection swimwear is certainly very beneficial. Sun cream would still be needed on skin exposed to the sun, especially the face. Swimwear can't possibly cover the entire body.

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