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April 07, 2011


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Sounds like you are generating endorphins via your physical exercise to combat stress. I don't really do stress. I know. Bite me. But I now exercise a shed load which I believe has had a positive impact on my mood.


The walking sounds great, and to be honest since I got my dog Tessie 18 months ago I've really enjoyed talking her out twice a day for walks. That's my de-stressing time, and I get to think things through. I'm not saying I never stress now, but I'm less stressed than the day pre-Tessie.

Rosie Scribble

You're asking me to bite you?

I think the solution has to be some healthy exercise. I don't do enough but I think I could really get into it and those endorphins have a pretty good effect, has to be said.

Rosie Scribble

So the solution is to buy a dog! I think there's a lot to be said for getting outdoors in the fresh air. Has to be miles better than sitting in a tiny office all day. (Miles - geddit?)


Oh my word - you have taken the words right out of my mouth Rosie! I've recently started (what I laughingly refer to as) jogging, spurred on by the success of my lovely hubby, who is training for the Great North Run. I too have started with a mile route, I too felt ill the first time I returned, and I too, desperately need a new pair of running shoes! However, I'm not doing it because I'm stressed - my excuse is that I need to lose some of my baby weight.

Good luck with your running, I wish you every success!

Rosie Scribble

Goodness. That sounds spookingly similar!! Pleased to hear it's not just me who feels ill after a mile. My brother did the Great North Run. I think that would be way too much training for me (and it's longer than a mile!). Good luck with your running too. We'll have to compare notes. (And good luck with your new blog too - I've just taken a peek!)

Michelle Twin Mum

Sounds incredibly sensible to me Rosie. I would love to say that I do somethign productive like exercise.

I have a whole menage of things I turn to - food, anger, my bed ot I sit there and write it all out and that is the one that is actually productive.

Mich x


Fast walking sounds like a very good idea! I find nature a good stress reliever, especially massive things like the sea or mountains or wide open spaces. Makes me feel insignificant but in a good way... like why am I stressing when all this stuff is here and is so beautiful and has been here for so long... Don't know if I've expressed that very well though!

Rosie Scribble

That's a little weird, I've literally just emailed Sarah Dodo when your comment came through! (She'll fill you in - it's all good, don't stress!).

I agree - nature is a really good stress reliever. We just don't spend enough time outdoors - probably became it rains so much - but now spring here I'm going to change that. If we had your scenery we'd be out every day!

Rosie Scribble

I turn to all those things too. I sometimes write my diary when I'm stressed - not an online one I hasten to add! You've just reminded me - it would be helpful to do that more often. It's a great way of getting things out of your head and on to a page instead. x


Fast walking sounds like a great stress reliever!
A couple of months ago I started taking time out on a Wednesday to attend a Yoga class. It was hard going at first, muscles ached where I didn't even know they existed! But it was good and I felt so calmed. The past few weeks however, I have double booked myself on Wednesdays and have really felt the effects of not going to yoga. It's that 15 minutes of quiet meditation I've found that is just so calming. Would definitely recommend it, if you're so inclined.
I do swim a lot and that helps, but not in quite the same way.


Sounds like you and I share stress symptoms! I put the grump in grumpy when I get stressed, and it's usually because we're late for something too (or when DD won't eat... and the list goes on). For me it's yoga that soothes my frazzled nerves and calms me down. But I do miss running. Might have to join you on that mile...

Mwa (Lost in Translation)

I walk with the buggy, I try to meditate but that requires a bit of calmness to begin with, and I go on the exercise bike at the gym. Oh, and gardening and reading. And probably ten other things. I was so ridiculously stressed for years I now have loads of coping mechanisms, but I am doing a whole lot better.

Love Out Loud

Ah I love speed walking! I have never been a fan of jogging, but speed walking really does it for me: it is a great way to exercise and is a fantastic stress-buster, too!

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