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April 15, 2011


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sounds like you all had a great day. you first paragraph made me laugh I am off to blogcamp soon and worried I will make a huge gaff in moments if i mix up slummymummy with yummymummy or twinmum with twomum etc.....

thanks for reassurance


Great post and lots of truth...I often get so nervous at these events and wonder why I am putting myself through it but I had a really lovely day and so did the children. It was so relaxing and fun too. Was great to catch up/meet everyone in relaxing surroundings. The children didn't want to leave the room so we didn't spend that much time walking around the zoo. :) xx


This year I thought of bracing myself (tightly!) and going to cybermummy. Be so scary for me but hells bells, posts you write like this one makes me think 'oh why not?!) Anyway, not going (zzz £) but definitely some other time if I stick around because it would be nice to meet you and others I follow! Glad you had a great time!

Lorraine The Party Times

sounds like fun was had by all!

Susan Mann

Looks like such an amazing day x

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