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March 13, 2011


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jenny Paulin

Uhm....Is the pope catholic?? Mmmmm :0

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

If it's gluten-free chocolate, then yes! ;)



I didn't, until I saw the picture. Now I'm off to raid the fridge!


Yes please - send some over :)

Mummy and the Beastie

Mmmm, would love some! :-)

Mañana Mama

Em, pretty please? Breakfast of champions.

If I Could Escape

Yeah, yeah, yeah! =P

Multiple Mummy

I never ever so no to chocolate - that would be breaking all the rules! Please and thank you! :)


Cruel and kind at the same time! :)

Ellen A

Oh yes.


You need to ask??

mummy mania

now that's just cruel. Heading off on holiday tomorrow and trembling at the prospect of having to expose my white wobbly post-baby flesh to the unsuspecting public - and as a result have been limiting my chocolate intake - nearly ate my laptop there!

Nicki Cawood

Seeing as all I have in are weight watcher's digestives, that is cruel.... so cruel! I can taste it!


Yes please!


Oh yes! Fantastic! Didn't give up chocolates for Lent!!! Phewy!

Vickie Ford

Yes please

Nic's Notebook

Yum yum please xx

Crystal Jigsaw

Errr, yes please!!

CJ xx

Lorraine The Party Times

pretty pretty yes please!!!


swap you for some pavlova?


Yes, please.....now???? :-)

Helen@Baby Shoes

yes, as a matter of urgency!

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