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March 11, 2011


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mummy mania

WEll done you [- and yes, even one person can make a big difference. Sometimes on my trips with UNICEF I would come back and feel disconnected to the life around me - and I liked that. I loiked that the wealth adn opulence jarred me. But it wasn't long before it all felt comfortable again. And every so often we need to be jolted again, feel the jarr that our lives are so comfortable - and safe - compared to those of others. so well done, and keep it up.


Oh Rosie this is such a wonderful post. You are truly an inspirational lady and good for you for working through to those resolutions. Lovely canvas print - you should be very proud of it x

Mummy's Little Monkey

I travelled to Kenya, Joburg, and Zimbabwe 15 years ago and it changed my life in dozens of different ways.

Seeing the incredible poverty brought home just how privileged and lucky I was. Now, whenever I feel a bit dissatisfied with life, I remember back to the slums of Soweto, and how thrilled the children when we handed out simple ball point pens, and it quickly makes me pull my head in, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

To this day it galls me to see water wasted - when my partner walks off and leaves the tap running, or there's a broken Council water pipe - because I clearly remember bathing in just a few inches of water, and then saving every precious drop, so my cousin could jump in after me.

It also made me determined to make the most of all the advantages in my life, and not take a moment of it for granted.

It truly was a life-changing trip - just like yours - and I feel very grateful to have had that experience. x

Michelle Twin MUm

Buying less and getting out more sounds like a fantastic step forward. So glad your health is much better too. Every tiny step we take to help those less fortunate is worthwhile.

Good luck with your new plans for the future.

Mich x


I read of your travels when you were away, and found it so inspiring. I think having lived abroad in a fairly privileged situation at a young age has undoubtably shaped my way of living; knowing that I'm very lucky and making the most of 'things'. It's a good lesson to learn at a young age.

Happy to hear that your health is remaining .... healthy :)

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