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March 23, 2011


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My first (that I can remember ... cos it was in front of my mother and I had me mouth washed out wi' soap) was "You COW!"
Addressed to my sister.


I remember muttering under my breath in the car one day, at some idiot who had cut in front of me, thinking my kids couldn't hear.
Then my two-year-old innocently asked me "Who's a f***ing ar*ehole mummy?"
Lesson learned. Sometimes parents are as much a bad influence as the other kids are.
I've never said it in front of him since - and as far as I know (pleae God) it's all forgotten


lol at least she's not going to use it ;-)


I think the two fingers sign seems a bit innocent when you compare it everything else we see nowadays! God, I sound well old. I am very pleased that she does not intend to use it, good girl.

I keep meaning to tweet you, I saw a program the other night that reminded me of a post you wrote ages ago about IJ getting into cooking. I hope she's still enjoying it and her menu continues to expand! x

Mwa (Lost in Translation)

I was quite cross the other day, but stopped myself after the
only to hear my 6yr old go
I laughed a LOT. His daddy - not so much.


Oh dear. Tall Daughter, who is a real sweetie, has since a young age used the occasional swear word, usually in a conversation where it's just not expected, e.g. I had bloody maths again today (and worse!). She asked today: Is 'frigging' a swear word? When I told her it was, she said "oh, shame, because I thought I could use that instead of swearing."


I should just add that I very rarely swear, so she doesn't get it from me!


The first thing I can remember was stealing a white plastic horse from nursery school and my Mother being mortified! DD is copying everything we say at the moment so zipped lips in this house!


Oh dear. It's awful isn't it?
Mine are starting a little earlier, thanks to the potty mouth I sometimes get when I'm really wound up...
My post about Language Development includes a Gordon Ramsay moment by my toddler:

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