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February 20, 2011


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mummy mania

Have to say - love thier new improved site with photos of everything. Every little thing helps!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Mummy Mania, do you want me to enter you into the giveaway?


I would love to win

Please enter me


Rosie, plastic bags are recycled into tofu. Fact.

Rosie Scribble

That's possibly the funniest comment I've ever received on this blog!!

Nic's Notebook

Yay - voucher!! Please enter me, we have never had our shopping delivered before!


Shopping in store is fine, but we gave up with the home delivery after trying it out a couple of years back as it didn't work out well... I'd just got out of hospital after major surgery so couldn't get out or drive or lift anything, but when the delivery came the sliced loaves were out-of-date already; the yogurts and milk were dated use by the day of delivery and the fruit/veg looked on it's last legs too. My husband complained to the store immediately and the manager apologised and said it wouldn't happen again. Sadly we took him at his word and tried again and had a similar experience - after that we had to use Ocado who were the only other company at that time who delivered here. They gave us a £15 voucher to try them out - they were fab, couldn't fault them at all.

They say time is a great healer, so maybe if we were lucky enough to win a voucher from you we could give Tesco one last chance and hopefully get a different person picking the stock this time ;-)

Diane Searle

voucher pretty please? xx

Jamie G

I'd like a voucher please!

Rosie Scribble

Hi Diane, could you give me your email address so I can send over your voucher? I don't seem to have it. Thanks.


Diane Searle


Thank you :)

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