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February 11, 2011


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Are those trendy gladiator sandals you're wearing Rosie? Or just the shin bits? A little peek into your wardrobe there methinks!




Nice smile?


Are you a dog lover? that looks to me like a pair of 'over-affectionate' sausage dogs you have attached to your legs! love it!

Sian - Mummy-Tips

LOL! I'm off to scan mine now!


I think she has done a pretty good job. I will get the minimads drawing later!

If I Could Escape

Oh darling, you are gorgeous!! x

If I Could Escape

Is someone gonna tag me. *whines*

mummy mania

I'm afraid! Dear knows what my daughter will draw... might just go and pluck up the courage to see!

Insomniac Mummy

I LOVE your comb over. Love it. Can I have the number for your hairdresser please?

Thanks for the tag. I wonder what in earth my two will come up with this time!



Oh Blimey - Just seen this...ok this could be scary ;) xx

Susan Mann

A perfect likeness. Just needs a bit more pink and it's you. Thanks for the tag. x

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