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February 14, 2011


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Oh i hope i win, I love the title and could do with getting "down with the kids" ha as i'm now working in a secondry school it might help me to figure out how their little minds work - soem of things they come out with make your eyes water!


Ooh, my 15YO would love this. Something different than her set texts for GCSE.


Please enter me :) xx


OMG, my daughter is reading this at the moment and I was writing about it to Susanna, A Mother Mother, just a few minutes ago!!!! Great read, I suppose, as I've managed to get my baby unhooked from teh Twilight saga!!!! Ciao. A.


Sorry, I meant A Modern Mother, this horrid keyboard!


Mmm. Good for us mums with pre-teens as a guide on what to expect in the upcoming years, to understand different ways that future events might unfold and, after all, forewarned is forearmed. Useful to gain a fun insight into the complicated teenage mind!

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