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February 15, 2011


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Awww how cute thats so sweet xx

Chris at Thinly Spread

LOL! Bless her, and you! At least you have practised *that* face now! You're ready to go!

Lorraine The Party Times

fantastic - brilliantly portrayed! Haven't yet found a way to tell my 7 year old that he wasn't the only person to send a card to "his girlfriend" - will either get tears or a shrug and "so??" If only I knew which response I am going to get in advance...


It won't always be so easy in the future, but your daughter is very lucky to have a mum like you to lean on....Ciao. A.


Too sweet, what a refreshingly Innocent valentine tale too..(I have a teenage daughter..need i say more ;))

Jeni Wren

That's so sweet!


That's so sweet. Cherish these moments because as they get bigger so do their problems. My teenager has been suffering from her first proper broken heart this week - we had an anti Valentine's dinner of burger and chips last night and managed to make her smile. If you are there for them no problem is too great.


Ha ha ha - won't be long though. My little girl is 8 and her 'boyfriend' has just dumped her because she has freckles!!

Rosie Scribble

Ooh, that's a bit harsh!!

Expat Mum

I have two teens and a 7 year old and I'm just glad that we have a week off when V day happens - almost every year. Saves a lot of tears.
BTW - that heart photo ...looks a bit like it's made out of poop!


I was getting worried until the ending :D Lovely post, and good practice for you, lol. x


I love these stories about IJ, she's such a little sweetheart. The two of you have a lovely relationship - it bodes well for the teenage years xx


Phew! For a moment I thoughtit was the love of her life! ;)

Hot Cross Mum



Aw bless....

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