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February 02, 2011


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So funny, I had exactly the same conversation with Mia this week when I told her the hairdressing was coming and she was going to dye my hair.
"It's not THAT bad mummy. And anyway, I don't want you to die."


Classic - love it! I didn't have any white hairs till I had kids but lots of the hair that fell out afterwards (you know, in that weird way that you seem to lose hair after giving birth) grew back white! I wasn't impressed - surely anyone who's been through childbirth deserves extra glossy perfect hair!

Domestic goddesque

I remember my youngest brother used to sit monkey-like, and pick out my mother's grey hairs when little. I think he was afraid she would grow old.

Helen@Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Is it coincidental that you don't have any grey hair until you have kids!


Bless. Out of the mouths of babes eh? I remember my daughter saying a few years ago "wow Mum, those grey hairs on the top of your head are REALLY BRIGHT GREY aren't they?"

Susan Mann

LOL hilarious. IJ is so sweet. x

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