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February 04, 2011


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Fingers crossed she transforms into a foodie who can cook for you!

Rosie Scribble

That would be absolutely perfect!


That's great, she will be more inclined to eat something she's cooked for herself. I might send the Teenager there too.

Rosie Scribble

That's what I'm hoping. The class is for kids aged 4-7 but I won't tell the Teenager if you don't!


Yes, Rosie, according to my experience, the best way to get kids (and teenagers) to experiment with wood is getting them involved in cooking themselves. My daughter is doing a cookery course as school and then she comes home and cooks for us! Best of luck. Ciao. A.


Oh that's great, fingers crossed that this is the first step towards her eating a more varied diet. Fingers crossed for you. X

Rosie Scribble

I'd love it if my daughter's school ran a cookery course. I think it's worth suggesting. There must be lots of children who would benefit x

Rosie Scribble

It's definitely a very good sign. I'm going to start looking for some more kids recipes too now that she is finally showing an interest. X

scribbling mum

SOunds like a big ol step, that's brilliant. How lucky to go on a cookery course, good for you, sure it will be the start of good foodie things.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Scribbling Mum. I'm feeling very positive about it all. I think I could learn a lot from a children's cookery course, truth be told!

Lorraine The Party Times

Sounds like a massive step - wish my 7 year old would vary his diet - we all like pasta...but every day!?!

Domestic goddesque

Oh I do hope this is your big break. Cooking with Tweeva has really helped her to try new foods...


What a great happening! She still may not eat it but she is finding out about food & may well be tempted to have a go!


Yay for you! We had a similar breakthrough this week when DD, Nana and I made biscuits together. She actually ate half of one which is HUGE for her. Will definitely get her watching Jamie with me and see what happens. Am thinking of starting a bloggers with fussy eaters club - fancy joining?


I have found my children eat more when they involved in the preparation and cooking process. I may also eat something different to them so they will be intrigued and want to have some of mine - weird type of jealousy.


Our school cookery course is partly sponsored by the National Lottery and partly by the PA, so parents don't have to pay extra for the ingredients etc. It might be wirth suggesting it to your school's PA. Ciao. A.


I meant 'worth suggesting', sorry!


Oh that is brilliant news, Master7, shows no interest what so ever in cooking and is really fussy, im in the process of writing a post to share.


Thanks for linking up at the Fussy Eaters Support Club Rosie! Superlittlemen has left a great comment too which shows there's light at the end of the tunnel...


How's the fussy eating coming along? Have you done the cookery course yet? Daughter (K) and I did a family cooking course today, run by the local adult education centre. They often run them in the school holidays here as part of healthy living campaigns, this was our 3rd time. The local PCT ran some evening ones last year too over a series of a few weeks but we weren't able to go on the evenings they were on due to K's other club commitments. All the courses are free! Today we made pizzabread dough; fresh tomato sauce and prepared loads of various toppings for pizza - amazingly K chose cheese/tomato/ham/sweetcorn/chorizo, usually she won't budge from just cheese/tomato even when we've made it at home! Next we made a traffic-light-pudding which was layers of green/amber/red fruits layered with similar flavoured/coloured yoghurts. Last time we made vegetable lasagne and another fruit/muesli layered pud; and on the one before that we made loads including leek&potato soup, baked sweet potato wedges, ragu sauce, ham&cheese pasta bake and biryani - with the excitement of making all these K was really interested and tried eating lots of things she wouldn't normally look at. I think these courses are fab for that! Hope yours went well too :-)

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