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January 09, 2011


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Julie - Kailexness

Marbles are so pretty aren't they, I always wonder how they make them, we don't have any in this house yet, the LM is too small soon... something to look forward too!


Wow! such a clear photo and soooo pretty too

Domestic goddesque

What a clear picture. Marbles are so pretty. Of course I haven't had any for years ;-)


Well done Rosie!! You're pretty sharp with your new dSLR - blimey I'm going to have to get my butt into gear...

Nic's Notebook

Lovely! It almost looks like it was taken under water with the bubbles in the marbles being so clear!


Very clever photo! Love it!

jenny Paulin

I didn't know kids today even still had marbles! My brother and I used to have loads, s many pretty colours. Lovely puc has brought back some memories thanks :)


Wonderful picture. I love it.

Him Up North

Nice shot. Almost abstract!


Yay marbles, I love marbles!! :)

Hayley Sparkle

This made me smile
Thank you x


That's a really great shot, I keep finding marbles all over my house at the moment...

Maria @verybusymama

haha, you may have found the ones I lost!


I still have a marble collection in a glass jar... though my kids have nicked it ;-)


Pretty sure those might be my marbles. I lost them AGES ago!

Beautiful photo.


What a lovely photo.


You made me smile too, can't remember the last time I played with marbles - lost my own years ago! :)


Oh wow Rosie that is amazing! Makes me all nostalgic too. :)


Oh I love marbles always think they are so pretty xx


well if your going to lose them, at least they are pretty ones ;) I can relate and I loved this picture!


Lol! That's brilliant! A fab shot....so clear!


Great shot. I love marbles even though I tripped on a rogue one in the kitchen this evening!


Lovely photo Rosie. By the way if you find then can you see if mine are there with them? Ta muchly.



Mañana Mama

Pretty sure I've lost mine too by now...lovely photo.



Great photo :)

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