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January 16, 2011


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Jenny paulin

I do love seeing a child reading a book! My B loves his books even though he cannot read yet and I really hope that enjoyment contiinues as he gets older.
Lovely photo :)

jay (@cosmicgirlie)

Ahhh my kiddos LOVE books - I confess I love being presented with this scene!

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Ooh, that looks like a lovely book Madame! Is it yours or IJ's? I'm reading Little Miss' collection of Roald Dahl...great stuff!

:) Karin

Julie - Kailexness

My daughters nursery is teaching her to read (along with me of course) and I love the enthusiasm she has for it, I'mlooking forward to seeing her sitting like this.. often.

maggy, red ted art

We like bookworms!! Love the shot!


How lovely! It's so great when kids love to read :)


What a perfect picture! Always so lovely when the letters just click into place and they realise they are reading!

(mostly) yummy mummy

Such a great shot! And great taste in books too IJ - they are one of my daughter's favourites too :-)

Nicki Cawood

Love seeing little ones reading, I always worry it's a dying interest in favour of the internet. Fab pic!


Awww, I have one who loves Rainbow magic books too. :)

wendy mcdonald

My little girl loves these books...lovely shot :)


Heather loves these too. x


Caitlin has those too.She's only just 5 so we tend to read a few pages each together.


Lovely photo, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!


Awwww that's a great shot! We are both bookworms in this household too!

Rosie Scribble

The fairy book is definitely mine. I share it on rare occasions. She was only allowed to read a page ;)

Chris at Thinly Spread

Oh that is a familiar sight! (I'm quite glad my DD has moved on from Rainbow Fairies now though, I was mightily sick of them in the end!)


how cute! big m "reads" stories to little m and her toys all the time. love it :)

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst

Ah what a wonderful sight. A child engrossed in a book, love it!

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